Dianne S

I received the AstraZeneca vaccine on April 23,2021

The following 3 days I was bedridden with fatigue, bone pain and fevers.  Day 5 post inoculation, I developed a bleed on my lower arm and swollen red patchy skin on injection site.  I had a sudden earthquake like sensation in my head, which quickly turned into dizziness and a disassociation feeling like I had been drugged.  

A record of Dianne’s symptoms

I visited the ER, knowing about Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), a so called ‘rare event’ from Astra, concerned about the bleeding under my skin.  I was told I had a strong reaction and that was a good thing.  This would be the start of many returning visits to the ER. I started to develop pins and needles sensation in my hands and feet that went up my arms and legs. My vision became blurry, my heart rate would climb suddenly when standing up, I had blood pressure spikes, internal vibrations in chest, extreme fatigue and spent 2 months in bed.  I also experienced light and noise sensitivity.  I started getting bruising, petechiae and splinter hemorrhages under nails. I developed a hand, leg and head tremor that resembled Parkinson’s.  I was left with a diagnosis of Anxiety and referral for psych consult.  I was put on antidepressants and Ativan. 

I began to do my own research, and I found Face Book support groups and the FLCCC that lead me to a local doctor who treated me with IVM.  80% of my symptoms improved.  Since then I have tried many different protocols, but still suffer with some lingering symptoms.  I joined the Cancov study here in Toronto and diagnosed with Functional neurological symptom disorder (FND)….Another anxiety diagnosis!!!   

I have been told to stop creating vax hesitancy, my FB account has been flagged many times and we have lost members of our support groups to suicide. People I have myself tried to reach out to with no avail.  We have become a close knit community, and within our groups we have developed friendships, supporting each other the best we can.   I recently created my own support group on Facebook for Canadians who are injured.  We need to be heard, not silenced.  Listened to and believed.  We need transparency and awareness, as our greatest challenge is getting these establishments (medical and gov) to acknowledge we exist!!!  

 I recently received a apology from the hospital for the treatment or should I say lack of treatment I received.  So that’s a start….  I will keep fighting and speaking up for all us injured.   We are Real not Rare…

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  1. Dear Diane S. – When I read the horror story of what you’ve experienced, I can not get over that the medical world has become so corrupt. Your symptoms….immediately after dose 1….should be obvious to any doctor with a brain.
    I’m delighted that you found the FLCCC. I’m a huge supporter of them. I’m also delighted that the Ivermectin and just plain ‘validation’ has given you some hope.
    Your symptoms are ‘NOT UNIQUE’. I’ve listened to so many people’s stories online and on the FLCCC MyStory videos. You should add your story to their videos. Thank God you’re getting some help.
    My eyes are tearing up as I type, because I can’t even imagine the pain you’re and ‘lack of empathy’ that you’re getting from physicians.
    When I look online, it sounds as though ‘the injuries’ are mounting and the cracks in the lies are revealing the corruption.
    I know that’s not much help for your situation but I know the FLCCC can help you. Please stay strong, and know you’re not alone in the fight against this toxic mess.

    • Thank you and God bless you for hearing us and speaking out. Unfortunately many injured here in Canada are still unable to get any help. Many can’t afford the private care or events taking place to bring awareness Our faces and stories are being used for these events but we see no help being offered to us. We feel like sacrificial lambs waiting for our time …. This is the truth Unfortunately. We are truly blessed to have few like Tasso and Max from Caers to bring forth truth and tell our stories

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