Meredith K

Regarding the inoculation Meredith was very sceptical. Like many people, Meredith wanted to wait for more information to come out before taking the inoculation.

It was constant pressure from a close family friend who she regarded as a second mother (after her mom had passed), that pushed her to take the jab in early June of 2021.

When Meredith contacted her family friend to let her know she had gotten the first jab, her family friend asked when she was going for her second dose.

Meredith with her husband Dion.

Meredith told her it was in August, and you were pressure to change the appointment to even sooner.

Meredith kept the original appointment and received her second of dose of Pfizer in August 2021.

2 weeks after receiving the jab her world tuned upside down.

Before taking the jabs Meredith had run a business, and was planning joint venture with her husband in real-estate.

Meredith and her husband Dion loved to travel and explore the country by motorcycle.

A lot of things that Meredith once enjoyed “don’t get to happen now”…

Since that fateful day in August of 2021, Meredith has experience a number of negative changes to her health.

Extreme fatigue, neurological disorders, brain fog, unexplained swelling of her lower lip, and skin conditions just to name a few.

Another side effect is random lip swelling. – Selfie

Despite these adverse events Meredith now suffers from, she feels like she is one of the lucky ones as she has been able to find some good support systems, and has lots of support from her family and especially her husband Dion.

Every day is a struggle to improve her physical situation. This also takes a toll on her mental state as the struggle is non-stop.

Meredith has been forced to do a lot of research on her own, and along the way she has learned some scary things both in regards to the inoculation and the systems used to promote and distribute it.

Meredith is a strong individual and is determined to learn how to fix this, and she wants to help others learn how to fix this, because sadly there are many people suffering post inoculation.

It has been a difficult journey, and continues to be a rough go, but Meredith is confident she can beat this. She wants people to know they aren’t alone.

Meredith speaking at a public event in Toronto.

In my time spent talking with Meredith, she emphasized how important it is for people to speak up, to share that injury after the jab is a very serious issue and is far more common than most people realize.

People have entered into this decision without full informed consent.  Meredith is aware that even today as of this article there are people still taking this injection that are unaware of all of the sideeffects.

The media is not covering the adverse events. Anyone who speaks up is demonized. “People are in grave danger, people and children are dying post inoculation”.

“Parents don’t realize that their children are at more of a risk from the inoculation than the illness”.

Meredith is currently sharing an informed consent package, that contains a notice of liability, within her community, local pharmacies, health units, hospitals, and even police stations (see end of document for link).

For the most part they have had a very positive response, and in a few cases pharmacists are no longer distributing the jabs after reviewing the information in the package.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Merideth shares the fact that to this day, no one individual has received true informed consent.

Meredith was inoculated by an unsupervised nursing student, at a local health unit. The students aren’t even regulated by the college of nurses.

The notice of liability is to benefit everyone and their families.  As Meredith accurately states “I was just following orders is not a defence”.

Meredith wants people to be aware that they are diminishing their immune systems every time they receive a shot.

She wants people to be aware that the new shots were only tested on 8 mice.

She wants people to be aware that there are over 9 pages of side effects (including death) published in Pfizer’s report which they (Pfizer) did not want released for over 75 years.

For more information please visit the site below and share, share, share.

Watch Meredith’s story here:

Meredith has seen improvements after 18 months of suffering, but she still faces a lot of struggles.

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  1. Hello Meredith, I am deeply touched by your story and your video. I am also vax injured since May 2021, I would love to learn about different ways to publicly share my experience, I saw the picture of your speaking engagement and I would like to get involved.

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