Ashley P

Pfizer June 1 2021 | Pfizer July 30 2021

Ashely like many others suffered due to the lockdowns. The isolation and uncertainty led her to fall into a state of depression. Her love for her family is what kept her going. Like so many others Ashley was worn down, and also concerned about restrictions against the unvaccinated. She had a job that would require her to travel. Against her instincts Ashley went to get vaccinated. Her first dose was the Pfizer (EW0216) shot in June of 2021. Two months later Ashley received her second dose this too was the Pfizer product (FD7206). Shortly after her second dose Ashley began to experience extreme chest pains, shortness of breath, skin rashes, numbness and tingling in her extremities, as well as major changes to her menstrual cycle. There was also a drastic decline in her energy levels, which prevented her from functioning at the level she needed, to care for her family. Going from her bed to the bathroom became very difficult. As of this post Ashely has been in and out of the emergency department 7 times in the last 5 months. Only to be told by doctors that all her tests were normal, and that it was all in her mind (including the documented rashes and high blood pressure).

Ashely’s case, is not an isolated one. Many doctors are not even willing to entertain the possibility that her ailments post jab may be caused by the inoculation. Her determination to regain her strength and health, led her to seek help outside of the public health care system. Visits to a naturopath, detoxification therapies, and a vitamin regime are helping to improve Ashley’s health. Independent live blood analysis has shown that there are foreign inorganic materials in her blood that are currently unidentifiable.

Ashley’s experiences are not isolated and are similar to many others who have been inoculated, from her symptoms to how she is treated by the health care system. Ashley’s hope is that with more openness and communication others may be helped, to make a decision that is right for them. Ashley continues her journey to getting back to her level of health prior to her being inoculated in the summer of last year. After having the honour of spending some time with Ashley, I am filled with both hope and confidence that Ashely will succeed in all of her goals.