Haley A

Haley is not one to get involved in political issues or one to rant on social media. She does not want to politicize her experience post inoculation.

After having a negative experience post jab Haley felt it was important for her to speak up. For close to a year prior to getting the inoculation Haley’s family doctor, naturopath, hematologist and cardiologist all advised that the inoculation was not in Haley’s best interests due to preexisting health concerns. Haley felt that it became impossible to function in everyday life without proof of vaccination and went out and got her first dose in the second half of 2021. She ignored all the warnings, and getting an exemption was next to impossible. After having received the inoculation Haley experienced what she described as typical side effects of flu like symptoms. She also experienced some intermittent chest pains which she chalked up to stresses from exams and a recent career change. Her life changed the New Year’s Eve 2022 While celebrating with her family Haley collapsed to the floor, crippled with what she described as the most intense chest pain with no sign of relief. She was having difficulty breathing, feeling like she was being held down while being stabbed in the chest. At this point she was rushed to the hospital. 2022 came in like a bang for Haley in the form of a heart attack at the age of 25 due to what is believed is complications from the inoculation. One would assume that this would now qualify a person for an exemption. However Haley is obligated to get her second dose and to be “monitored closely” for the following weeks after being injected. Haley stated “Forcing a person to do something that almost killed them the first time and being told by medical professionals that it will probably be worse the second time is sickening. The government deciding what a person no longer has a right to chose what to do with their own bodies is sickening. That someone’s life is just another statistic, at the end of the day, regardless of the cause is unacceptable”.

Ontario is a place she was proud to call home, and was very appriciative of everything that she had. Now she feels Ontario is a place where her life is insignificant, in the face of the grand scheme of “flattening the curve”.