Katerina A

72 Years Old – Stroke and Pulmonary Embolism

Katerina received the Pfizer inoculation in late May of 2021, as a prerequisite for kidney surgery. As a recipient of a kidney, Katerina had to undergo extensive health tests to ensure she would be a suitable candidate. Katerina had no blood, cancers or circulatory issues.

After receiving the inoculation she experienced extreme lethargy. Doctors suspected it was a reaction to the inoculation. On June 6 Katerina underwent the surgery for the transplant. It was successful. The kidney started working well immediately, and dialysis wasn’t needed to start the kidney’s function.

Towards the end of June Katerina was still experiencing weakness. Blood clots were found in her legs and lungs. On July 5th Katerina suffered a neurological event. Anti-seizure medication was prescribed.

Katerina passed away from a stroke and pulmonary embolism days before her release from hospital on July 15th.