Claudia C

Claudia is a wife, mother of three and sole financial provider to her family.

Prior to taking the inoculation, Claudia was, running a home day care and looking after her three children. She was active in both her personal and professional life, with no health issues.

Claudia was presented with a government contract through an agency.  It was an opportunity she felt she couldn’t pass up.

She accepted the job offer and closed her daycare. Her husband left his job to take care of their three children.

When the government mandates were implemented.  Claudia sent two exemption letters to her employer. The first from a doctor who had done blood analysis for Claudia, and the second exemption letter from her archbishop (religious exemption). Claudia’s doctor’s analysis of her blood tests revealed that Claudia had natural immunity to the virus and that taking the inoculation would be dangerous to her health. Claudia’s employer did not accept/recognize the exemption letters.

Claudia received her first shot with tears in her eyes.  She drank some holy water before getting her first injection. Upon returning home from the inoculation Claudia experienced pain in her chest.

After suffering for a week with the chest pains Claudia went to the hospital. The doctors ran tests, and did not find any problems with her heart.  Claudia started experiencing constant dizziness and pressure in her head, which was accompanied by paresthesia (a burning or prickling sensation) in her left leg, in addition to the chest pains. Her toes would lock one on-top of the other and she would have to constantly massage her leg to relieve the pain and stiffness. 

After the second month of having received the inoculation the dizziness began to subside, however Claudia’s employer informed her that she was required to get her second shot, or she would lose her job.

While getting the second injection Claudia asked the lady who injected her to pray with her. Together they prayed the “Our Father”.

By Christmas of 2021 Claudia had developed severe neurological problems.  Nerve pains inside her head, her temples, burning sensations insider her brain. In addition to these pains Claudia experienced burning sensations in her ears, lymph nodes, eyes and tongue. She was also experiencing extreme fatigue. Climbing stairs at home was very difficult, and she couldn’t walk more than a block.  Many times she couldn’t walk from the parking lot at work to the office.  Claudia would seek out an empty bathroom or office at work to cry in silence.  Around March of 2022 Claudia got a hold of ivermectin. The level of pain and burning she experienced came down significantly after using the ivermectin.  The ivermectin has enabled her to avoid the extreme discomfort she was experiencing before however she continues to experience frequent flareups and the neurological symptoms (twitches, rocking and dizziness).  Claudia’s faith is stronger than ever, and it is her faith that has given her strength during this difficult time. Claudia has also begun to take supplements which has helped her maintain a level of health that allows her to function. Claudia hopes that by sharing her story she can bring awareness to the real issues and to let others know they are not alone.

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  1. Dear Claudia –
    What a nightmare, but not at all rare. I’ve listened to many vaccine injured stories online and you are not alone. That fact probably doesn’t help with your symptoms but I’m so glad you were able to get some Ivermectin and that that helped somewhat. The FLCCC is a terrific resource, and I suspect that’s where you found out about the Ivermectin. If you’re not familiar with the FLCCC they can be found at
    I don’t know if your employer will require boosters but if yes, you might want to consider going back to your earlier business of a day care in your home. I’d think that there are lots of families that would love to have their children cared for by someone like you.
    Please stay strong, and know you’re not alone in the fight against this toxic mess.
    Warm hugs,
    Carol M.

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