Kevin S

Kevin received his first dose on April the 5th 2021.

Prior to receiving the inoculation Kevin was a healthy father of 7 children. He never thought that anything would be able to take over his life as this injection had.  Immediately after receiving his injection Kevin knew something wasn’t right.  Kevin had received other needles, and vaccinations in the past and had never had an adverse reaction so there was no expectation that  anything would be different this time.   Within three weeks of receiving the inoculation Kevin collapsed.  He described it as a horrifying experience.  When he collapsed his arms began flailing, his eyes closed, and his body went into convulsions. Kevin fought his own body which he had no control over, repeating to himself, that it wasn’t his time to go.  Kevin ended up in the emergency department where he didn’t receive the quality care, or answers one would expect from a Canadian hospital.  At the hospital Kevin was told that what he  was experiencing was nothing more than anxiety.  Knowing that this was something more than anxiety Kevin went to other emergency departments looking for an answer and possible solutions to what he was experiencing. Almost instantly Kevin went from a successful manager of a business to being an invalid at home, who now relied on the care his wife.  Kevin struggles with being so helpless both as a husband and father. 

Together with his wife and loved ones Kevin is getting through all of this.  Somedays are better than others, but Kevin is seeing small, yet gradual improvements with his heath, however he is far from being a 100%.  Kevin has brain fog, ringing ears, tremors, impaired vision, blood disorders.  Kevin has undertaken costly expenses to try to figure out what it is he is experiencing.  Kevin feels that this has happened for a reason and that by sharing his story he hopes to protect other people and children to avoid what he has experienced. Together with other injured friends he hopes to find a solution.  Kevin is currently using a device which has given him some relief. The device uses light and heat which has helped him to regain control of his body. The device has also helped to reduce his brain fog.  Kevin does not believe he will ever return to 100% health but he keeps pushing forward for himself, and his family.  He hopes that with awareness more people can make informed decisions and that drug manufacturers will test the product more thoroughly before releasing them for use.

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  1. I had 2 vaccines and 1 booster. After each one I was more sick. After the booster, I hardly had the energy to get to the bathroom and back which was not far as I live in a small 1 bedroom apt. 72 hours after the booster I tried to shower, I was freezing ,out of breath and feeling weird. It was like an anaphylaxis reaction which hadn’t reached my throat yet. My heart was racing as well and my head was foggy. I got out of the shower and dressed, but things were getting worse. I called 911 and they told me to take my epipen as it sounded like an allergic reaction. When paramedics came they tried to tell me it was anxiety. I told them I knew the difference. They made me sit for 4 hours in the waiting room. With the epinephrine in me I was feeling better. The doctor did heart and lung tests and sent me home saying I was fine. For the next few days I had to take benadryl or the symptoms returned. I have an autoimmune disease but my brain fog has been worse than before. I also have loud ringing in my ears. I have more muscle spasms than before as well. These injections can do serious injuries.

  2. Hi, Kevin,
    I first heard about your situation when I got interested in the terrahertz wand. I have had long covid and my balance was getting steadily worse. I learned about Methylene Blue, an over the counter medicine, started taking it a few days ago, and I’m seeing good results. My balance is better, improving every day. Here’s a link to a 5 minute video about it. God bless you, I hope this works for you.

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