Leah E

Leah is a wife, mother and educator.

Leah believes that she was injured after receiving one dose of the Pfizer inoculation. 

Leah’s life before being inoculated was like many others. She enjoyed being active in the outdoors and nature. She enjoyed spending time with family, and playing music.

Leah was apprehensive about taking the inoculation. She works in the education system with special needs students. The pressure from her employer to take the inoculation was intense.  In September of 2020 Leah’s employer threatened her with losing her job if she did not take the inoculation. Leah succumbed to the pressure and on mother’s day of 2021 she took one dose of the Pfizer product, against her better judgment.  Immediately upon being injected she felt dissociated (that would be the best way to describe it).

Within hours she had a 5 inch lump on her back on the same side she was injected on.  No one at the hospital could explain the lump and she was sent home.  Days later she began having cardiac issues with a resting heart rate of 140 bpm.  Feeling very weak she was forced to teach from her couch and couldn’t take care of her family.  She continued to feel chest/heart pains.  Leah made many visits to the hospitals. No scans were performed, and each time she was sent home with no answers to her concerns for her health.  Leah tried some self help protocols and experienced anaphylaxis to items she never had problems with before. A full body rash soon appeared. On one of her visits to hospital she experienced neurological issues, which expressed themselves as tremors.  Leah started experiencing extreme pressure in her head, and nerve pain which is with her to this day.  While trying to get help for her new found health issues, she was diagnosed with POTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome), as well as Nystagmus (vision loss), and nerve disfunction in her face. Leah went from a healthy 30 year old mother to a woman who cannot provide for her family.  Over time she has managed the pain and suffering, but every day is a challenge.  She continues to have ongoing cardiac issues and finds herself going in and out of hospital. 

17+ months later, Leah is still looking for answers and is trying to find ways to still enjoy life.  Leah is very open about her issues, and is hoping that sharing her story will help others to avoid the pain and suffering she is experiencing. Leah hasn’t experienced any negative reactions from her employer, or the majority of her coworkers for speaking out, yet some people at work have shut her out. She hopes that others get informed consent prior to getting any future treatments, something that she didn’t get. She would like everyone to be made aware of the very real risks. 

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