Jody G

My Covid Vaccine schedule: May 4 2021 Pfizer,  June 30, 2021 Pfizer, Jan 11, 2022 Moderna (Vaccines were administered at Memorial Arena in St. Thomas)

My name is Jody and I believe I have been injured by the covid Vaccines. I was never sure about the vaccines. I trusted, the doctors and what politicians were telling us on TV, when they told us that the vaccines were safe, and the only way to keep ourselves and loved ones protected. In addition to these reassurances, my sister worked for the Middlesex heath unit and I was told by her that getting vaccinated was a must and that I wouldn’t be able to see her if I didn’t get the vaccines. 

So in May of 2021, I got the first of my three vaccines. I noticed some changes to my body after getting my second vaccine. I experienced some weakness on my left side, but thought it was normal, and wasn’t too concerned. It was after getting my booster that everything went nuts. I remember immediately after getting the booster I had more than just the normal sore arm.  I couldn’t move my arm either. I thought it would go away quickly but it only got worse. Within a week I noticed my toes started bending involuntarily and I was having tremors throughout my body and dizzy spells.

Jody reviewing notes of her experiences since getting her third vaccine.

I called my doctor immediately scared, and crying.  The tremors came on so quickly and it was scary.

My doctor didn’t think it was anything serious. He thought it was my blood sugar and sent me for blood work.

My blood work showed that everything was fine.  I never heard back from my doctor after this so I followed up with him looking for answers.

I explained to him that I was getting worse. My symptoms now included blurry vision, bladder problems, general weakness, tingling in my extremities and under my skin.

Still my doctor didn’t think anything was serious. I finally went into his office to show him how I changed. 

He told me that over the phone he didn’t think I was that bad. Now seeing me in person he acknowledged something was definitely wrong, but at the same time he didn’t seem to be addressing my concerns.

I was frustrated. I called him to tell him what I was experiencing and he said he would refer me to a neurologist.

However every time I was referred to a neurologist I was denied seeing one. Why? 

Were my requests being denied because I had stated that I thought my condition may have been vaccine related?

I pleaded with my doctor to help me find answers to help me find out what was wrong with me.

Over the course of the last year my symptoms have worsened.

I limp with my left leg, I have extreme weakness and at times I have problems maintaining balance.

My toes continue to be contorted inwardly.

The nerve pain and sensation of something crawling under my skin makes me want to cut my leg off.

My left arm feels useless and it is a challenge getting things done with the weakness on my left side.

Every day is a challenge for me. From the moment I wake till the time I go to bed.

Simple tasks like getting dressed, brushing my teeth or hair are big challenges for me.

I don’t even bother with makeup.  You don’t realize how much you use your opposite hand till you can’t use it anymore.

My ability to do simple chores, to cook, to eat, to clean or fold laundry is so laborious and difficult now.

It has also affected my ability to work and earn a living.

My speech has been affected. I feel dumb.

I have trouble remember things. My voice is hoarse and somedays it feels very difficult to speak.

Dealing with all of this has led me to have panic attacks and anxiety. Something I never had before in my life.

The stress worsens my condition.

Sometimes I feel like my head is moving, but I am not.

It is a scary feeling. What is this?

My vision gets blurry too, and this is annoying.

I wish I never took these shots. I want my life back.

I can’t do the things I used to.

I used to run, ski, bike, skate, CrossFit, tennis, hike.

I now lack confidence, as I need help even tying my shoes or completing tasks that require fine motor skills.

I force myself to work out with the help of a friend as I am petrified that if I continue like this I will lose all my strength.

I try to keep positive and push myself. 

I want to be like everyone else, to be like my old self.

Who am I now? Why? From a vaccine?

Who can help me?

So far the only help I have received is from Jab Injuries Canada.

They told me about a study of covid vaccines and about a possible correlation to certain aggressive cancers.

They had me do some tests for cancers and my numbers are off the charts.

I had covid as well after getting the vaccine (weren’t they (the vaccines) supposed to protect us).

In a sense this has helped me get some assistance from the long covid program.

It is so incredibly sad and frustrating that I cannot get answers and very little to no help.

Why won’t they take accountability? Will I just keep getting worse? 

I wish I could turn back time.

Despite the challenges she now faces, Jody is determined to stay positive and to fight to regain her health.

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