Lia O.

As of this post Lia is a young 89 years old and 10 months. Lia is a successful business woman and a pillar in her community.

Lia with her hospital records sharing her experience after her 4th booster.

Because of her age, and concerns of the Corona virus, Lia and her family sought the vaccination immediately. In the early days of the vaccine being introduced it was difficult to find a vaccine as production was still quite limited, but Lia and her family persisted and eventually Lia received her first of 6 Vaccinations (5 Pfizer, and 1 Moderna) on the 14th of August 2021. When it was time to receive her 6th vaccination, a friend of Lia’s called her up to inform her that there was a vaccine clinic not too far from her home. Unlike her first 5 vaccinations which were Pfizer, this one was the Moderna offering. Lia received her 6th vaccination on Friday October 14, 2022. After having received the Moderna vaccine Lia did not immediately experience anything out of the ordinary, until later that evening. She awoke in the night with an extreme pressure on her chest and was having difficulty breathing. Because both her son and daughter were away, Lia telephoned to have an ambulance come to take her to the emergency.

Just some of the receipts of generous donations Lia has made to Toronto Hospitals over the years.

This began an ordeal for Lia of being in and out of hospital. Getting test, after test done. Lia let the physicians know that these changes in her health came about after her vaccination. Despite her age Lia was always healthy and strong, staying on top of her health. Her health records did not reveal any serious health conditions prior to her 6th Covid vaccination.

Lia enjoys spending time with her family and her flowers at her High Park Condominium overlooking the park

Today Lia is doing much better however she still does not feel 100%. She is grateful for her children, and grandchildren and continues to shine her light.

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